Business Dashboard An online dashboard to monitor all your operations

A detailed view in a single dashboard

Monitor all the financial flows of your Xpollens payment solution in real time, with a detailed view of the transactions by user profile and customisable and fully automated data exports.

Manage your operations in real time and create your own views and exports

For a complete and detailed vision of your payment flows, Xpollens provides a Business Dashboard for you to manage all your operating accounts (invoicing, coverage, payment failures) and reconciliation operations:

  • Check your balances
  • Check your transfers received
  • Issue your payments
  • Export and consolidate your statistics

Monitor your customer activity in real time

Your dashboard gives your Customer Service department a global view:

  • Check the onboarding status of your customers (KYC)
  • View their accounts and activities
  • Act on their payment methods

Easily configure all your customer-related operations

Lost payment card?
Increase a payment limit?

In just a few clicks you can modify the customer account settings and track activity in real time, intuitively and without API integration.

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