Compliance & KYC A turnkey regulatory solution

Xpollens, an electronic money institution approved by the ACPR

As an ACPR-approved electronic money and payment institution, we guarantee secure account management systems and compliance with transaction security, banking compliance and ethics procedures.

From the beginning of the relationship to the payment of the funds, we fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Secure financial

A system to fight
fraud and corruption

A simple biometric
KYC process

A comprehensive anti-money laundering and anti-corruption system

As a subsidiary of the BPCE Group, we have extremely strict internal control processes in place to prevent fraud, corruption and embezzlement.

We also keep a very close eye on the transactions of politically exposed persons, persons on the Interpol list and, in general, any person behaving in an abnormal or suspicious manner.

Totally digital KYC processes

Thanks to biometrics, establishing a relationship with your customers is fast, easy, and fully compliant with the applicable laws and regulations.

Xpollens speeds up your customer onboarding thanks to Instant Payment, which instantly approves the relationship.

A legal and regulatory package tailored to your status

For not accredit firms
For accredit firms

In less than 3 months, you can become an Agent of Xpollens, an Electronic Money Institution approved by the ACPR, and distribute your own payment services, controlling your pricing, your distribution model and your end-to-end billing.

We handle all ACPR paperwork, from registration as an agent to regulatory reporting, so that you can concentrate on developing your solutions.

Broad coverage across 35 countries including the United States

We accept users from 35 countries. We are FATCA compliant, diligently identifying and reporting US taxpayers to the US Internal Revenue Service.

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