Embedded payment for Comptatech

Embed payment functionalities into your offer

Offer your customers payment functionality

Natively integrate bank accounts and innovative payment features into your products to enrich their value for your customers.

  • Additional revenue opportunities
  • Innovative offer to acquire new customers
  • Customer satisfaction and retention

Simplified collection and customer payment

Pay in

With Xpollens, access the most common and most innovative payment methods to receive funds, from payment cards and SEPA transfers, to direct debit mandates.

Pay out

  • Choice of pay out method: SEPA transfers and Instant Payment, payment initiation, physical or virtual card payments, etc.
  • Set the frequency, amounts and due dates

Optimise cash management and working capital

Instant Payment speeds up your transactions, facilitating your financial processes and improving your customer and user experience.
  • Receive funds in real time
  • Instant payment to suppliers
  • Optimised cashflow

Automation for Finance teams

Decide whether to automate management of pay in and pay out flows, or manually trigger them – the choice is yours!
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Reduce fraud risk
  • Optimise customer experience: eliminate time-consuming steps

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