Customer Rewards Enhance your rewards program

Enhance your rewards program

Want to enhance your rewards program with an innovative payment solution?

Boost point redemption

Want to boost redemption of your rewards program points?

Improve the customer experience for your cardholders

Want to improve the customer experience of your cardholders?

Our Customer Rewards solution

a fully customisable card issuance solution coupled with add-on services

payment cards





Enrichissement de
votre offre

parcours client

fidélisation client

Réduction du coût
de votre programme

Rewards program

Offer a cutting-edge electronic loyalty program

paired with a payment card to encourage use, all via an easy-to-manage digital system.


Our role

Provide payment cards personalised with the retailer’s brand colours, featuring full digital and real-time card transaction and balance information.


Your benefits:
  • Reduce the cost of managing your rewards program
  • Boost usage and sales through a payment card

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Tourism Rewards Points

Encourage and facilitate hotel or airline

point redemption for millions of users.


Our role

Provide a complete program pairing the loyalty program with a payment card, managed digitally in the front office and back office.


Your benefits:

Boost airline loyalty point redemption through digital tech

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase loyalty through the program’s perceived benefits


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