Buy Now Pay Later Unlock your full potential with your own BNPL card    

Increase your revenue with your own payment card

With the Xpollens API, it is easy to create your fully customized VISA card, that adapts to your business model (network of partner stores or open model).

  • Your BNPL offer available everywhere

Break free of constraints: your customers can now use your BNPL offer with any merchant, online and in store.

  • Less dependance on payment service providers

Your customers can choose to pay in instalments with your card, regardless of the merchant’s PSP.

  • End user retention

Create a seamless and personalized BNPL user experience thanks to a virtual or physical card.

  • The latest mobile payment features available

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin.


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Create your card in just a few clicks

Design your own card and stand out from the crowd with our simple and intuitive tool.


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A system of authorisation by delegation

Oney’s flagship product: pay in 3 or 4 instalments using their bank card.


The goal:

Popularise instalment payments through the Oney+ digital banking solution.


Our solution:

  • Automated creation of payment accounts and regulatory compliance
  • A digital banking product
  • 100% digital KYC process
  • Account aggregation
  • Customer self-care to set up the account
  • Issuance and management of a range of personalised Oney payment cards including the instalment payments option
  • Instalment payments available at all merchants thanks to the payment card


Our added advantage:

Oney can use its own banking licence.

An exceptional user experience

Our API allows you to integrate all features into your mobile app so your customers can manage their transactions independently and in real time.

Block the card

Display the PIN or get a new PIN

Manage payment limits

The Business Dashboard

Xpollens includes the Business Dashboard, a dedicated page providing a detailed view of all your customers, where you can:

  • Check your customers’ onboarding status (KYC)
  • View their accounts and activity
  • Act on their payment methods


Discover our Dashboard

Pay your merchant partner instantly!

For each BNPL payment, the Xpollens API allows you to issue a single-use virtual card to pay your supplier directly and instantly.

The merchant receives one payment only and avoids complex reporting processes, while your customers seamlessly enjoy the benefits of the BNPL service.

An adaptative model

Whether or not you have a banking licence, our solution adapts to your environment and your technical and regulatory constraints.


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