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Our mission is simple: to enable you to increase the value of your business by integrating powerful digital payments to your solutions.

Our value proposition is based both on the maturity of our technology platform, natively designed to embed payments into any business, and on our advanced expertise in design and support, key to the success of any project.

Our culture

At Xpollens, our culture is all about innovation, resilience, and challenge.

We love to innovate for our customers, we know how to stay the course in the face of difficulties, and we are motivated by challenge.

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Join a payments fintech of Groupe BPCE

Supported by a talented team more than 150-strong, mainly based at our Fintech Campus near Station F in Paris, we are growing fast, and helping to drive growth for many other businesses.

Do you like innovative markets and high-growth challenges? Want to work in the field of digital technology and fintech? Have a perfect understanding of product and customer culture? And want to be part of a unique and amazing entrepreneurial venture?

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