Invoicing and cash management Simplify your payment flows and boost your performance    

Integrate payment and accounting reconciliation features with our APIs

Optimise your WCR by integrating features that facilitate your day-to-day management directly into your interfaces, with our white label solution.

  • Technical solutions through easily integrated APIs

Interoperability of the Xpollens solutions with yours

  • Accurate monitoring of payments due and outstanding

Real-time monitoring throughout the euro zone

  • A simple, flexible interface for secure transactions

Management of user rights and beneficiaries

Optimise your cash management and working capital requirements

Our solutions meet all your needs:

Easy management
real-time collection monitoring

Simulate different scenarios and
the corresponding financing requirements

Optimise your cash position

Anticipate chargebacks

Simplify your pay in and pay out!

Automatic management of pay out or manual triggering: you choose!

  • Choice of pay out method: SEPA credit transfers or instant payments, payment initiation, physical or virtual card payments, etc.
  • You set the frequency, amounts and payment dates


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Xpollens gives you access to both the most common payment methods and the most innovative ways of receiving funds: payment cards, SEPA transfers, direct debit orders, etc.


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Accurate, comprehensive reporting

We provide you with all the information you need to produce tailor-made reports: allocation of a budget per team, monitoring of a supplier’s payments, segmentation by type of expense or flow, etc.

Optimise the traceability of your payments and simplify reporting with virtual IBANs. This innovative tool allows you to receive payments while reconciling bank and financial flows.

Manage all your customer accounts easily on our Dashboard

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