Payment security A modular solution for optimal security

State-of-the-art authentication that complies with all requirements

Our authentication process, developed with our partner Antelop, complies with the latest standards (PSD2 version 2021) and can be easily integrated into your user experience thanks to our Mobile SDK or Xpollens Authenticator application.


Xpollens Authenticator

We control the entire payment chain to drive your performance

From acceptance to payment issuance, we work with all of our partners to ensure a seamless payment experience for your customers, guaranteeing you the lowest fraud rate on the market.

Minimise fraud and maximise your acceptance

With our “Fast Pass” solution, we develop and simulate fraud scenarios by cross-referencing huge amounts of data and using advanced Machine Learning techniques to determine whether a transaction is sufficiently secure.

Our team of experts works with you to identify all the ways you can maximise your acceptance and prevent payment failures, such as customised rules, transaction analysis and traffic monitoring, thanks to our rules engine that is continuously optimised in real time.

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