Your organisation will benefit from Xpollens’ payment solutions. Whatever your business, our embedded payment solutions help drive the digital economy, from digital banking to electronic loyalty programs.

Use cases across a range of sectors

Digital Banking

Launch your own accounts and payment cards. A complete white-label fully customisable solution.


Launch your business fast with a packaged core banking solution.

Retail Banking

Innovate using our parent/child or carer/caregiver solutions.

Financial institution

Expand your products without dealing with complex regulations or technology

Financial Management for enterprise

Manage your payment flows easily.
Fully customisable payment services in full API mode

Temping / gig work

Pay salaries instantly and make advance payments easily


Outsource payment flow management to operate in full compliance


Automate all your claims operations and reduce your costs

Payment experiences for end users

Easily pair your rewards program with a payment card. A Visa payment card customised with your brand and your journeys

Grocery chains

Offer your customers a payment card with great features


Help customers redeem their points through a payment card


Launch your own hybrid payment/loyalty card

Your own use case

Add your own use case to the sectors that have embraced embedded payment solutions

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Global payment management
for ESF

Ecole du Ski Français marketplace: centralised online sales for all the ski schools in the region and an online marketplace offering winter and summer mountain holiday packages.


The goal:

Boost mountain holiday bookings all year round by bringing together a wide array of businesses on a single convenient sales platform.


Our solution:

  • Manage incoming (Pay In) and outgoing (Pay Out) payments, and automated calculation of commissions
  • Create and manage all electronic money accounts to track payment flows
  • Digital onboarding of merchants and automated KYC processing
  • Distribute funds according to the marketplace’s business rules and provide financial reconciliation reports for each ski school


Our added advantage:

A payment solution natively designed for the marketplace and customised for ESF.

Account management for the marketplace

Leroy Merlin France rolled out their marketplace in 2020, with plans to expand to other countries and new merchants.


The goal:

Accelerate online sales with a fast-growing new retailing model.


Our solution:

  • Guaranteed regulatory compliance for flows managed on behalf of third parties (partner merchants): protection of funds and controls on payment transactions
  • Creation and management of all electronic money accounts opened for each merchant
  • Processing and approval of KYC documentation in over 10 different countries
  • Distribution of funds by transfer to each merchant in the marketplace


Our added advantage:

A pay out solution that is totally PSP/buyer-agnostic.

A payment card for wedding gift lists

Guests add funds to the electronic wedding gift wallet for gifts selected by the bride and groom.
The happy couple can then use the amount collected with the Mille et Une Listes Payment Card and enjoy instant discounts.


Our solution:


A payment account:

  • Funded by the guests’ gifts via online payments
  • The bride and groom can transfer any or all of the amount collected to their bank account.


A payment card:

  • The bride and groom can use the card at a prestigious and selective network of partners (including Galeries Lafayette, Le BHV Marais and Voyageurs du Monde).


Our added advantage:

At the checkout counter, the card is recognised in real time.

The bank card is personalised in line with the prestige of the partner network.


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