User & Account management Easily create accounts to manage all your payment flows.

100% API-managed payment accounts: automated real-time processes

Our API makes it possible for you to open a virtually unlimited number of payment and e-money accounts using automated processes on our payment platform. You can configure the accounts as needed and track the transactions in real time.

API Interface

See all account information in real time 24/7.

Open account

Open e-money, payment and corporate accounts

Define limits

Customise limits by payment method and user

Virtual IBANs

Generate French and foreign IBANs in the eurozone.

Manage balances

Be informed in real time of your account activity via our callbacks.


Create account structures tailored to your cashflow management process

Tailor accounts to customer journeys

Whatever the profile of account holders, we offer a range of digital tools for a streamlined and secure relationship that provides a seamless customer experience.

Identity verification requirements (KYC: Know Your Customer) are different for private individuals and businesses, which is why we offer you a compliant, fast KYC process for each type of account.

Flexible management of user profiles and rights

We delegate the payment service authorisation management to you.

For example, you can allow your users to share access to the same account, or delegate rights and user management to a third party through a mandate.

Create virtual IBANs easily

With Xpollens, you can generate virtual IBANs in order to receive or issue payments, which simplifies the internal processes of businesses handling large volumes of transfers.

Our solutions also let you create account lines that share common characteristics to automate supplier payments.

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