Xpollens powered by Natixis Payments & Visa

Puts a full range of innovative payment methods at the heart of your customer experience.

The European payments market is wide open - and the possibilities are limitless. In a fast-moving and competitive market, companies must grab the opportunity to meet customer expectations for seamless and satisfying payments.

Our commitment

Unique end-to-end payments solution

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    Latest payment innovations

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    Specialized “squads” implement a full solution in 100 days

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    Our experts work with you to create a perfect, tailored offer

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    Solutions comply with EU regulations by design

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    Easily grow your portfolio of services and user accounts

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    Payment solutions that work across the eurozone

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    Our teams can integrate a full solution in 100 days

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    Cost effective

    Access to our infrastructure gives the most cost effective offer on the market

A full ‘payments in the box’ solution.


Enrich your service offer

Launch a full-digital bank across Europe with a full “payments in a box” offer.
A richer service offer for the best customer experience.
Create user accounts with branded physical and digital payment methods.
Better understand your users with KYC identification.
Instant payments and money transfers.

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Grow your markets

Extend your reach with innovative payment methods.
Provide physical or virtual payment cards for real-time payments.
Offer prepaid and rechargeable store cards for unique or split payments.
Accept a wider range of payment methods across the eurozone.
New tools to analyse transactions, that you can share with customers.

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Improve your employees' expense management

Employee payment cards for day-to-day expenses.
Cards issued on behalf of business partners [such as hotels, restaurants and transportation].

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Natixis Payments and Visa have partnered to create XPollens, the most innovative payments offer on the market.

We create our solutions together with our customers, thanks to specialised implementation squads. We guarantee full deployment of a tailored solution that revolutionizes the customer and employee experience, within 100 days.