Card issuing Create your physical or virtual card programm.

A payment card with countless features

Equipped with the same features as all other bank cards, our payment cards are available for the entire Visa range (Business, individuals and companies) and include:

  • Contactless technology
  • Card linked to XPay wallets
  • Pin code personalisation
  • Acceptance network filtering
  • Cash-back program
Carte de paiementCarte de paiement

An interface to create your own card design

With Xpollens, easily create payment cards with your brand colours, and personalise the visuals and utilisation rules.

Thanks to our simple and intuitive interface, which handles all the requirements of the manufacturers and VISA, you can design your card and see how it looks before sending it to production, then receive it within 5 to 7 working days.

Your card will be a great way to stand out from the crowd.


Discover our interface

Fully customisable card issuance programs

Whatever your use cases, through our BIN Sponsorship, you can create your own tailormade programs and personalise the user experience by defining:

Spending network (by location, date, etc.)

Types of
eligible expenses


Usage amounts
and limits

of use

Real-time card block feature

Joint authorisation and delegation of authority

We work closely with you to make the payment card a unique feature of your user experience by allowing you to take part in our authorisation processes. You can leverage your customer data, rewards, status and credit score to enhance the shopping experience with instant discounts, instalment payments and cash advances.

That’s why we worked with Oney+ to create the first card featuring instalment payments for their users.

A digital and mobile payment card

Xpollens enables you to provide your customers with a virtual card immediately, 24/7, which can be added to mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. These X-Pay compatible cards can be used to pay for purchases online, as well as in stores using tap to pay technology, with no purchase limit.

Our SDK also makes it easy to integrate with Apple.

A payment card for wedding gift lists

Guests add funds to the electronic wedding gift wallet for gifts selected by the bride and groom.
The happy couple can then use the amount collected with the Mille et Une Listes Payment Card and enjoy instant discounts.


Our solution:


A payment account:

  • Funded by the guests’ gifts via online payments
  • The bride and groom can transfer any or all of the amount collected to their bank account.


A payment card:

  • The bride and groom can use the card at a prestigious and selective network of partners (including Galeries Lafayette, Le BHV Marais and Voyageurs du Monde).


Our added advantage:

At the checkout counter, the card is recognised in real time.

The bank card is personalised in line with the prestige of the partner network.


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