Pay in Receive funds
quickly and easily

A wide range of settlement methods serving all user journeys

Xpollens lets you accept the most common and most innovative payment methods, which you can customise for seamless integration into your existing user experience.

Payment cards

SEPA transfers

Direct debit mandates

P2P payments

Virtual IBANs


Our transactions are processed and
notified in real time
through our APIs.

Multiple card payment methods
for different customer uses

Accept a wide range of card payment solutions:

  • Multi-card payments
  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Instalment payments
  • Subscription payments
  • Group payments
  • One-click payments

Global payment management
for ESF

Ecole du Ski Français marketplace: centralised online sales for all the ski schools in the region and an online marketplace offering winter and summer mountain holiday packages.


The goal:

Boost mountain holiday bookings all year round by bringing together a wide array of businesses on a single convenient sales platform.


Our solution:

  • Manage incoming (Pay In) and outgoing (Pay Out) payments, and automated calculation of commissions
  • Create and manage all electronic money accounts to track payment flows
  • Digital onboarding of merchants and automated KYC processing
  • Distribute funds according to the marketplace’s business rules and provide financial reconciliation reports for each ski school


Our added advantage:

A payment solution natively designed for the marketplace and customised for ESF.

Corporate Disbursement

Compatible with all European protocols

With SEPA and our Instant Payment compatibility, you can accept most payment methods and reach all European banks.


We also provide you with a complete solution for direct debits.

Core & B2B

Instant Payment

Direct debit mandates

Request for
Creditor Identifier

Refunds and Payment Failures

An Instant Payment compatible solution for immediate availability of funds

Create seamless paths for receiving real-time payments between individuals, companies, or from a consumer to a merchant or utility.

For instance, you can use Instant Payment for a collection process or selling a car.

Technology-driven performance make payments a growth accelerator

Proprietary technology developed in-house, natively digital and designed to optimise cash availability.

A team of experts who advise you on the best way to optimise your performance when it comes to payments.


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