KYC & Compliance

A turnkey regulatory solution

Xpollens, an electronic money institution approved by the ACPR

As an electronic money and payment institution approved by the ACPR, we guarantee the security of our account holders and the compliance procedures related to transaction security, banking compliance and respect for ethical rules.
  • Financially secure transactions
  • A system to fight fraud and corruption
  • An easy, biometric signup process

Comprehensive procedures against money laundering and terrorist financing

As a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, we have extremely strict internal control processes to prevent fraud, corruption and embezzlement.

We also pay careful attention to the transactions of politically exposed persons, persons on the Interpol list and, in general, anyone who behaves abnormally or suspiciously.

Did you know?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a mandatory and invaluable process for any financial institution to identify a customer and ensure compliance. It is required for the bank or payment institution to collect and analyse a number of documents, including.

  • the customer’s identity: surname, first name, postal address, email, mobile phone;
  • legal documents: identity papers, proof of address

KYC processes adapted to your customer journey

A progressive KYC (Know Your Customer) may be implemented for electronic money accounts. This approach for verifying the identity of customers consists of collecting information as it is received, rather than requesting all information at the start of the relationship. This facilitates the account opening process, but also lets your customers benefit from having a payment method without first finalising the KYC. The uses under these conditions will naturally be limited, or made more flexible, depending on our knowledge of the customer (level of identity).

A legal and regulatory framework adapted to your status

You do not have approval

In less than 3 months, we allow you to become an Agent of Xpollens, an electronic money institution approved by the ACPR, and thus distribute your own payment services with control over your pricing, your distribution model and your end-to-end billing.


We take care of all ACPR procedures, from registration as an agent to regulatory reporting, which means you can concentrate on developing your offer.

You do have approval

For accredited players, we act as an outsourced Essential Service Provider.


On our platform, we can host all or part of your processes needed for starting a customer relationship, account management and issuing means of payment, while providing you with all the accounting and regulatory reports.

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