Embedded payment for Retail & E-commerce

Payment solutions to boost customer loyalty and simplify your flows

Digitalise your loyalty program

Giving customers a physical or digital card with your branding lets you enrich your loyalty program for an optimal customer experience.
  • Better customer knowledge through payment data.
  • Unified customer journey.
  • Maximum engagement and retention.
  • Instantly available virtual cards compatible with mobile wallet.


Do you have a cashback program or wish to set one up? Allow your customers to collect and spend their cashback online or in-store.

Create cards that look like your brand

With Xpollens, it’s easy to create payment cards in the colours of your brand.
  • Your card, your visuals.
  • Customise the rules of use.
  • Simple and intuitive interface for creating your cards.

Simplify billing flows with virtual IBANs

When handling invoices from your shops or branches, assign a virtual IBAN to each of your locations to speed up the processing of transactions and better categorise them.

Avoid the need to manually track your incoming payments. It’s now possible to automatically track, differentiate and organise all your financial flows.
  • Real-time payment tracking.
  • Automatic reconciliation.
  • Save time for Finance teams.

Instant transfers: a card alternative that simplifies your shopping experience

With a limit of up to €100,000, this innovative payment method allows you and your partners to pay in large volumes.
  • Optimise your interchange fees and cashflow.
  • Transfer funds instantly.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

Be guided by payment experts

Take full advantage of Banking-as-a-Service’s potential, with a specific approach designed for your business and supported by our teams.

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