Embedded payment for Travel

Online travel agencies (OTA), airlines and travel agents have unique needs. That’s what our payment solutions are designed for.

Boost your loyalty program

Giving customers a physical or digital card with your branding lets you enrich your loyalty program for an optimal customer experience.
  • Better customer knowledge through payment data.
  • Unified customer journey.
  • Maximum engagement and retention.
  • Manage loyalty points in your partner network (earn and burn).
  • Set up a cashback program.

Create cards that look like your brand

With Xpollens, it’s easy to create payment cards in the colours of your brand.
  • Your card, your visuals.
  • Customise the rules of use.
  • Simple and intuitive interface for creating your cards.

Compensate your customers and optimise your cashflow 

By using virtual card issuance, your customers are compensated in record time.
  • Fast processing for operational efficiency and optimal customer satisfaction.
  • White-label card, in your branding.
  • You set the duration of use.

OTAs: speed up payment to your suppliers

Thanks to issuing single-use virtual cards, once your customer has decided their travel plans, your partners will be instantly paid (airlines, hotels, ticketing).
  • No need to advance cash: acquisition and virtual card-issuing in real time.
  • A new source of income: interchange-sharing.

Issue cards to your employees for optimised expense management

A white-label B2B payment card solution to optimise expenses within your team.
  • Dynamic expenditure control.
  • Fewer manual processes to manage expense reports.

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