Pay outs

Transform the way you pay your suppliers and customers with easy, instant payments. Xpollens gives you total control over your pay out flows, from choosing the disbursement method to setting payment frequency, and more. You can perfectly adapt each of your business processes, further optimising your management costs.

Every payment method you need in the eurozone

Pay out transfers

Classic SCT

Instant Payment

Instant transfers with compatible bank

Direct debits (SDD)

Single or recurring

P2P payments

Account to account

Virtual cards

Permanent or temporary

Payment cards

Configurable acceptance networ

Game-changing Instant payments

Instant Payment

With Instant Payment, make faster transfers between compatible European banks.
  • Drive greater customer satisfaction by paying your customers and end-users faster
  • Improve your customer experience by paying claims faster
  • Optimise your cashflow by paying suppliers faster


Using our API, it’s easy to check which banks are compatible with Instant Payment.

Virtual cards

Issue virtual cards with the same features as physical cards, to take your pay ins to the next level – and those of your customers:
  • Refund or compensate your customers with payment cards
  • Propose low-cost offers that are 100% digital and compatible with wallets
  • Protect your users’ purchases with single-use cards


Fully configurable, these cards benefit from all filtering capabilities (amount, spending categories, etc.) as well as the Visa network.

Automate all operations


With automated payments and direct debits, you can schedule your settlements when you want, whether they are interbank (SEPA) or account to account (P2P).


Simplify your cash pooling schemes and centralise your cash management.

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