Advice & support Sector-specific experts to support you

A tailormade approach to Embedded Payment

Xpollens provides advice on how to design and build the best, simplest and most profitable solution for your business.

On top of the common basic package, you can add specific building blocks to fully leverage the performance potential of embedded payment.

Sector-specific experts to guide you

Xpollens provides you all the necessary advice and support, with multidisciplinary teams of experts specialising in Products, IT, Compliance and Finance.

We assign a two-person team of Project Director/Customer Success Manager to coordinate the project and oversee the operations.

Operational support at every step

In addition to all the self-service support options available to your teams, Xpollens provides you with hands-on support from the design stage through to total mastery of the solution, and throughout the life of the project.


A dedicated Customer Success Manager and team of technical experts at your service.


Coverage account management, debt collection monitoring, KYC and fraud management.

of mind

Full regulatory compliance and dedicated support.

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