Open & Manage Accounts

It’s easy to create accounts for you or your clients.

Automated and real time, via the API payment account

The Xpollens payment platform allows you to instantly open electronic money accounts suitable for individuals or professionals, without any constraints on volume. Tailor them to your needs then follow the associated transactions in real time.

Interface via API

Access all account information 24/7, in real time.

Ceiling management

Customise your limits per payment method and per user.

Virtual IBANs

Link thousands of IBANs to your payment account.

Balance management

Check your account balance in real time with your business tool.


Create account structures tailored to your cash management.

Accounts and onboarding tailored to your customer journey

Depending on your offer, you may be able to provide customers with electronic money or payment accounts. Be advised the identity verification requirements (KYC: Know Your Customer) are not the same. 
Thanks to progressive KYC, you can offer your customers a compliant and fast onboarding process that’s adapted to them.

Authentication aligned with requirements

Our authentication process developed with our partner Entrust meets the latest standards (PSD2).

Simplify account reconciliation with virtual IBANs

Xpollens gives you tools to generate virtual IBANs, simplifying internal processes for companies that handle a large volume of transfers.

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