Virtual IBANs

Virtual IBANs facilitate the orientation and tracking of flows, thus saving time in reconciliation. Virtual IBANs make it easy to track your financial flows.

Create as many virtual IBANs as you like

Virtual IBANs are a SEPA payment facilitation tool for companies that process a large volume of
transfers or need to qualify the destination of funds. With virtual IBANs, it’s easy to track,
differentiate and organise your financial flows.
  1. Associate virtual IBANs with the account where you centralise your cash receipts.
  2. Assign virtual IBAN to a transaction or expense category, to a customer, to an internal department or to a shop.
  3. Receive transfers (classic or Instant Payment) in your account.
  4. Find each virtual IBAN in your transactions and account statements.

Boost your Finance department


Reduced risk of fraud and enhanced data security.

Save time

Automation of bank reconciliation.

Boost your finances

Cost optimisation : one main account with no virtual IBAN limit.

Did you know?

Virtual IBANs are alternative IBANs that redirect incoming transfers from a company to the main IBAN. These funds are credited to a single account, namely, the main account where all incomingpayments are centralised.

Virtual IBANS facilitate the orientation and tracking of flows, thus saving time in reconciliation.

Optimise monitoring of financial flows

You define your reconciliation rules, each invoice being automatically reconciled with a payment.
  • Reduce time spent with account setup.
  • Easier follow-up: chargebacks, errors…
  • Improved proactivity: teams can access information on each payment in real time.

Reduce your risk of fraud

Manage risk and control fraud

The virtual IBAN makes it possible to hide the structure and bank details of the main account,which in turn can prevent attacks (CEO fraud, direct debit, etc.) and thus secure your finances.

Identify the source of funds

The payment issuer is easily identified through the allocation of a virtual IBAN.

Combine virtual IBANs with next-generation payment methods

Want to simplify your users’ shopping experience with innovative payment methods? Combine
Instant Payment with virtual IBANs to reduce payment times or collect funds faster.

As a result, your customers or users pay instantly and access the service immediately, while your
team can track these payments accurately and securely.

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