Manage your financial flows with Virtual IBANs Simplify the day-to-day for your finance teams while securing your transactions

Create as many Virtual IBANs as you need

A SEPA payment facilitation tool for companies that process a large volume of transfers, virtual IBANs allow you to track, differentiate and organise your financial flows.

  • Link virtual IBANs with the account where you centralise your incoming payments
  • Then, assign each virtual IBAN to a specific transaction, customer, internal department or store
  • Receive transfers (SEPA or Instant Payment) on your collection account
  • Find each Virtual IBAN in your transactions and account statements

Turbo charge your Finance Department


Manage risk of attack and identification of payers

Save time

Automate reconciliation of bank transactions

Financial savings

Reduce sources of errors when processing payment tasks

Optimise monitoring of your financial flows

Virtual IBANs allow you to define your own reconciliation rules: each invoice can now be automatically reconciled with a payment.

  • Reduce time spent setting up accounts
  • Easier follow-up: unpaid invoices, errors, etc
  • Improved proactivity: teams access information on each payment in real time

Reduce your risk of fraud

Identify the source of funds

The payment issuer is unambiguously identified via attribution of a Virtual IBAN.

Manage risk and controlled fraud rate

Virtual IBANs allow for the structure and bank details of the main account to be hidden, thereby preventing attacks (e.g. director fraud, direct debit, etc.) and making your finances more secure.

Combine the virtual IBAN with latest payment methods

Want to simplify your users’ shopping experience with innovative payment methods, such as Instant Payment? Couple these to the Virtual IBAN for an optimised flow management.

As a result your customers or users pay instantly, and access the service immediately, while your teams track the payments in a detailed and secure manner.

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