Who we are?

Groupe BPCE’s Banking-as-a-Service platform, a specialist in embedded payments.

2 millions+
cards in circulation (2022)
1,2 million
open wallets (2022)
expert employees

Enjoy your banking differently

Harnessing the power of next-generation payments, we increase value for client businesses by a factor of 10. Equipped with an array of white-label, API-enabled financial tools, we take companies from all sectors to new levels!

Combining banking expertise and a proprietary technology platform, Xpollens boosts revenues, automates processes and improves the customer experience all round.

With payments, we support your projects for growth

Our technology platform is natively designed to embed payments into any business, while our expertise in design and support further ensures the success of our client projects.

An agile fintech within Groupe BPCE

Backed by the 2nd-largest bank in France and the largest VISA issuer in Europe, Xpollens benefits from the strength of Groupe BPCE, while having a strong Fintech DNA focused on innovation.

Currently scaling up, our team comprises passionate individuals driven by a unique ambition to change the game in payments for companies and users, through the Banking-as-a-Service model.

Are you ready to build the future of payments with us? We’re recruiting, discover our offers!

Privileged Partners

We have established partnerships with Advisory firms and integrators who are proficient in Xpollens APIs and are capable of providing the best support to our clients in both project construction and integration.

Your digital partner for boosting the effectiveness of your business processes and delivering an outstanding employee experience.

Architecting enterprise transformation across companies and public agencies, One point is a major player in Consulting and Tech.

Our approach


We support our client projects from the very beginning, best adapting the solution to their needs.


We develop a 100% customisable solution, adapted to each client’s challenges and unique environment.


Our technology is fully API-compatible, hosted on the cloud and based on a microservices architecture.


With our own license, we can manage the complexities of banking without clients needing to worry.

Gender Equality Index 2022

The Gender Equality Index 2022 is 86/100,

  • Indicator 1: 36/40 = gender pay gap
  • Indicator 2: 35/35 = disparity in individual salary increases
  • Indicator 3: 15/15 = number of female employees who received a raise after maternity leave
  • Indicator 4: 0/10 = gender parity among the top 10 highest salaries

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