Accelerate your transactions with Instant Payment

Bank transfers in 10 seconds

Xpollens allows you to send and receive instant transfers for any amount in euros up to €100,000 to an eligible beneficiary.  Instant Payment is a fast-growing European payment method, available 24/7 to companies and consumers alike, which can simplify your customer processes or internal processes. 10 seconds is all it takes for the beneficiary account to be credited!   

Instant Payment to facilitate your financial processes

Your financial teams gain in efficiency! With Instant Payment, you can optimise:  

  • Cash management and cashflow management   
  • Supplier payments, tax payments  
  • Sustomer payments, compensation and financing  
  • Payment of your employees 

Easier monitoring of your transfers: create virtual IBANs to optimise your bank reconciliation.

Improve your customer or user experience

Increase your customer satisfaction by offering Instant Payment. Enable them to make immediate purchases, which can be accessed in real time! 

Online gaming

instant purchase of skin or extra life

Online betting

reload wallet to place a bet


reload your account or student wallet to recharge your canteen card

Second-hand platform

buy a car from a private individual  

Digital Banking

Speed up KYC and the first payment into a customer account. 


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Optimise your marketplace operation

With Instant Payment, you can immediately pay sub-merchants on your platform the revenue from their sales in real time.  

You can also offer Instant Payment for your customers’ purchases.  


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