Instant Payment

With Xpollens, send and receive instant transfers for any amount in euros. Accelerate your transactions with instant transfer.

Bank transfers in 10 seconds

With Xpollens, send and receive instant transfers for any amount in euros up to €100,000 to an eligible beneficiary. Instant Payment is a fast-growing European payment method available to companies and individuals 24/7, which can simplify your customer journeys and internal processes. Ten seconds is all it takes to credit the beneficiary’s account.

Instant Payment to facilitate your financial processes

Give your financial teams an efficiency boost.
With instant transfer, you optimise:
  • Cash management and treasury management
  • Supplier payments, tax payments
  • Settlements, compensation and financing of your clients
  • Employee payment


And if you’re looking for a solution that makes monitoring your instant transfers easy, virtual IBANs can optimise your accounting reconciliation.

Improve your customer and user experience

Increase your customer satisfaction by offering Instant Payment or payment initiation by instant transfer. Allow them to make purchases they can benefit from immediately.

Banks and fintechs

Speed up the first payment into a customer account, enabling faster KYC and customer onboarding

Retail and travel

Avoid card payment ceilings

Online betting

Reload wallets to place a bet


Add credit to an account or student wallet to top-up a canteen card

Second-hand platforms

Buy a car from a private individual


Instant compensation for your insured customers

Discover all the benefits of card issuing for your sector

Banks & Fintechs

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Retail & e-commerce

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