Optimal Payments
& Accounts for Enterprise

Make light work for Finance and Payment teams with programmable solutions.

We support Finance, Payment and Product departments going digital

Payment methods
to simplify your life

Enjoy access via an API to a wide range of payment methods tailored to your business.

These optimise your cash flow, save time for your Finance teams and reduce collection costs, while providing an ideal user experience.

Classic Transfer

Instant Transfer

Payment Initiation

Virtual IBAN



Instant Payment
& Payment Initiation

Optimising cash flow and user experience

Track and categorise your payments with virtual IBANs

With our virtual IBAN solution, you can track and organise all your transactions in real time.
  • Saves time for your accounting teams
  • Detailed monitoring of chargebacks for an optimised management
  • Option to automate your accounting reconciliation

Programmable solutions
available via API

Our scalable solutions with API integration let you manage your flows according to your own business rules, and schedule them in a way that is 100% tailored to your business.
  • Programmatic management of accounts and associated payments.
  • The entire banking suite available via API (accounts, limits, transfers…).

Reverse funds easily and in real time

Our instant payment solutions, coupled with your accounting automation tools, let you revert funds with ease. Empower business teams to better meet customer needs and optimise time for finance teams.

Instant Payment

Virtual cards

Plan your payments with SEPA direct debit

  • Simplify the collection of your one-off or recurring payments
  • Traceability of transactions
  • Adjustable limits

Direct Debit and optimal customer journey

AUTODOC is one of the leading online retailers of vehicle parts and accessories in Europe. Their challenges: to digitize the B2B ordering process and propose alternatives to card payments.


Our solution:

  • One-click payment (SDD) recurring or one-time purchases for garage clients once the direct debit authorization is signed
  • Optimized customer journey for a better transformation rate during payment
  • Greater autonomy: each customer can settle the order themselves
  • Higher spending limit than a standard card, for shopping carts up to €100.000

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