Digitisation & Payment : The winning duo for insurance players

In the ever-evolving universe of Insurance, digitisation and payment come together to create an unparalleled customer experience. Picture a seamless journey from subscription to compensation, where each interaction becomes smoother and more instantaneous. Welcome to the captivating future of Insurance!

Digital at the heart of interactions

Increasingly focused on digital transformation, insurance players meet the growing expectations of consumers with a “digital first” approach. The numbers speak for themselves: 80% of consumers plan to use digital channels to interact with their insurance. However, this revolution is not limited to satisfying customers; it is also an extraordinary driver of operational efficiency.

Unmatched operational efficiency

Financial directors in the sector are in pursuit of operational efficiency, viewing automation as the key to freeing up time: 85% of them are convinced of this. The digitization of tools is not only a necessity but also an opportunity, with 48% of financial directors anticipating improved forecasting and anticipation capabilities.

A new growth accelerator

With integrated payment, innovative features take center stage, such as virtual IBAN for effortless reconciliation or instant payment for immediate claims compensation. With 53% of consumers willing to switch insurance providers to receive their compensation instantly and 68% enthusiastic about using a virtual card to avoid upfront payments, these new tools will accelerate the growth of the insurance sector.

Conclusion: Digital and Integrated Payment, the Future of Insurance is Already Here!

The insurance landscape is evolving rapidly, and those embracing digitization and payment innovations are the pioneers of this transformation.

The countdown to a metamorphosed customer experience has begun. 3… 2… 1… Explore the full set of key figures and innovations in our infographic! 🚀

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