4 reasons to add payment at the core of your offering

Omni-channel strategies are taking root and innovations in payment continue to reshape the customer experience. Today, it’s all about making every aspect of the customer journey as simple, frictionless, and secure as possible. But how do you deliver seamless shopping experience when traditional banks don’t provide all the expected innovation capabilities? The solution is straightforward if you realize that payment is no longer a domain reserved for experts: add payment features directly into your platform.

Embedded payment thus becomes a ”must-have” to implement.

1. It offers shortened time to market. Swiftly launching a new product or service to the market grants a significant competitive advantage. A unique offering, enhanced with payment-related data, will also distinguish you more easily.

2. It seamlessly integrates with existing tools. Through a simple API integration, you gain access to account management and payment services via your own web applications.

3. It requires no regulatory investment. Embedded payment providers have their own licenses and manage the hidden banking complexity behind their operations on your behalf.

4. It facilitates the launch of new business models. Regardless of your industry, you can integrate only the payment features you need, according to your own business rules.

For example:

  • A retailer or e-merchant can create a loyalty program enabling customers to pay and earn loyalty points within their network using virtual cards.
  • A travel insurance provider can promptly compensate insured travelers for flight delays as soon as their plane lands, thanks to an instant payment solution.
  • A gambling or online betting specialist can offer its users real-time reloading of their wallets to continue playing or distribute the gamblers earnings, through instant transfer.
  • A B2B e-commerce platform can digitize and streamline its ordering process by offering one-click purchases through direct debit.

Today, all industries have transformation and value creation opportunities that rely on payment technologies. Choosing embedded payment means using intelligent and accessible solutions to optimize your purchasing journeys.

All that’s left is for you to take the leap!

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