An Xceptional year: Xpollens shares its 2023 retrospective

The year 2023 marked a phase of scale-up for Xpollens, with extremely ambitious goals. As a payment fintech operating in a booming market, our keyword for 2024 will remain growth, but not just any growth: “fulfilled growth”, in the words of our CEO, Jacques-Olivier Schatz! Let’s take stock of what characterized 2023 and the challenges in the months ahead.

2023: results meeting the challenge

Key milestones were achieved, making Xpollens a key player in the Banking-as-a-Service and embedded payment market:

Our transaction volumes tripled.
• We convinced twice as many clients to join us in 2023 compared to 2022.
• The number of deployed clients multiplied by 3 compared to 2022.
• Our support system scaled up, rewarded with a 30-point increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS).
• We heavily invested in the modularity and robustness of our technology (and it’s not over yet! 😊).
• Key functions structured themselves to be drivers of our growth: HR, partnerships, marketing.

All these achievements allow us to approach 2024 with confidence to tackle the new challenges it brings.

The top 3 actors benefiting the most from integrated payment in 2023

Payment functionalities integrated into companies’ tools or offerings are relatively new, and the past few months have seen a surge in their usage and benefits, especially among these three types of actors.


• From subscription to compensation, discover the new challenges in the sector and the winning duo of “Digitization & Payment” in an infographic.

Retail and E-commerce

• Regulatory developments and new digital practices reshuffle the cards in payment methods. Follow the guide and imagine new, smoother, and richer shopping experiences.

Finance and Treasury Departments

• CFOs: Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of digitization. Discover in an infographic how financial departments are transforming.
• Getting paid. It may seem simple, yet it’s a major challenge for companies. Get to know Instant Payment and virtual IBAN: the new quick wins for financial services.

Beyond these three types of actors, our blog provides a set of synthetic and educational content to better understand new payment technologies, to be consumed without moderation!

2024: our ambitions for fulfilled growth

Our ambitions are driven by two mantras that we aim to take even further in the coming months!

Facilitating the orchestration of incoming and outgoing payments

Because… it’s our mission!
In a context where regulations bring both constraints and opportunities (digital invoicing, Payment Services Directive 3, Digital Euro…), and where B2C and B2B payment experiences are converging, companies expect a unified and simplified experience. So, more than ever, our mission is to ensure they can automate payments, both outgoing and incoming, access data to track them effectively, and trigger the necessary operations for optimal internal management and an ultra-smooth customer experience.

Making our technological platform a “customization standard”

At Xpollens, we readily compare our platform to a famous set of colorful bricks that can build almost anything.
Thanks to our already deployed clients, their business needs, and their usage, our platform has co-built itself to offer today a set of bricks capable of assembling in any client environment to form a 100% personalized solution.
“Our ambition for 2024? To guide our clients and teach them how to play with our bricks! Here, humanity, expertise, and industry knowledge take precedence over the digital. Listening and understanding their challenges, delineating the use case, are essential to implementing a solution that is both tailored and relevant” summarizes Jacques-Olivier Schatz.

Driven by ever more strategic partnerships to enrich our offer, and the strength of the BPCE Group, 2024 promises to be particularly rich, and we look forward to telling you more about our upcoming milestones… stay tuned 😉.

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