Data protection

Information notice involving personal data

From the website, S-Money, in its capacity as data controller, may collect and process information identifying you (for example: your name, your personal details, your IP address).

Such information is referred to below as "Personal Data" or "Data".

Protecting Data is essential in order to build a trusting business relationship.

To this end, S-Money constantly monitors its compliance with the law* on the protection of Personal Data and aims to ensure responsible governance of its information files as well as maximum transparency of the Data processing it carries out.

S-Money has appointed a Personal Data Protection Officer (or DPO). This person ensures that S-Money's processing of Personal Data complies with the applicable regulations.

This information notice explains why S-Money can collect your Data, how your Data will be used and protected, how long it will be kept and the rights you have.

* General Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 and applicable Data national laws

Whose Data is collected?

Visitors of the website

What Data does S-Money use and where does it come from?

Only identification, contact and connection data will be collected by S-Money as part of the services offered on the site

In addition, all Data collected will be provided by site visitors.

On what basis is your Data collected and used and for what purposes?

Contact form

By completing our contact form, you consent to S-Money collecting and processing your Data in order to identify you and respond to your request.

Subscription to S-Money alerts (emails)

By subscribing to our alerts, you consent to receive by email information related to S-Money. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each of our communications.

Cookies and other tracking devices

Cookies or other tracers are tracers deposited and read for example when consulting a website, reading an e-mail, installing or using software or a mobile application.

When you visit one of S-Money' sites, cookies and tracers may be installed on your equipment (computers, smartphones, digital tablets, etc.).

The cookie policy implemented by S-Money can be consulted on each of its sites, in the Cookies section of its legal notices or at the bottom of the page.

Who has access to your Data?

S-Money takes all necessary steps to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the Data it collects, i.e. to ensure that only authorised persons have access to it.

Only persons who are authorised by virtue of their activity in the competent S-Money departments that are in charge of the relevant processing have access to your Data, and only within the scope of their authorisations.

Similarly, our IT service providers may have access to your Data as needed and securely as part of the performance of their service or our collaboration.

Your Data will also be passed to certain authorities in accordance with the applicable law and regulations.

How long will your Data be retained?

Data related to the contact form: maximum 1 year.

Data related to subscription to S-Money alerts (emails): during the subscription period.

What rights do you have over your Data?

Within the limits and conditions laid down by current legislation, you can:

In addition, you have the option to provide us with instructions regarding the retention, deletion and disclosure of your Data after your death, which instructions may also be registered with "a certified digital trusted third party". These instructions, or a kind of "digital will", may designate a person to carry them out; otherwise, your heirs will be designated.

How do you exercise your rights?

To exercise your rights, please contact our Data Protection Officer by email or by post, stating your full name and contact details, providing a copy of your identity document.

Data Protection Officer

Mailing adress: Natixis – BP 4 – 75060 Paris Cedex 02 France
Email address:

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