Nirio Premio: A Solution for Everyday Payments

In a world where simplicity is paramount and instantaneity has become the new norm, payments often lag behind. Premio, the new payment and budget management service from Nirio, a subsidiary of the FDJ Group, addresses these challenges by offering individuals value that goes beyond mere transactions.

Seamless Payments with Nirio

Premio aims to simplify daily budget management for all its clients with user-friendly, intuitive tools. Users can enjoy an account with a French IBAN, a Visa card, and budgeting tools. These tools provide real-time expense tracking, monitoring over specified periods, setting spending limits, and receiving real-time budget alerts. Digital payments and proximity transactions combine to offer a frictionless payment experience.

Since January 2023, Nirio has already enabled thousands of individuals to pay their bills and social rents at nearly 10,000 partner stores with its “Go” service. Now, with Premio, Nirio takes a new step forward in simplifying budget management for everyone, offering local services and a mobile app.

API-Integrated Payment Features: A Game Changer

A key to Premio’s efficiency, developed in just a few months, lies in its integration of payment features through APIs. Nirio Premio leverages a wide range of solutions designed and managed by Xpollens, including account management, issuance of physical and virtual Visa cards, transfers, and direct debits.

Today, there’s no need to be a bank to offer payment solutions. Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms now allow companies to provide innovative payment functionalities to their customers. Xpollens handles the regulatory and technical complexities, changing the game entirely! At the heart of these platforms, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) play a central role, offering great flexibility in design and integration by facilitating secure data exchange.

Like Nirio, other companies rely on Xpollens’ technological infrastructure for their payment offerings, allowing them to stay focused on their core business. Companies such as Be-bunk, Money Walkie, France Pay, and Moneco all share a common goal: making payments simpler and more accessible for their customers.

User Experience at the Heart of Payment Solution

The rapid evolution of payment technologies offers exciting opportunities for the future, particularly in enhancing the user experience. Whether it’s opening an account or issuing cards, any company, regardless of its sector, can launch its own payment methods to capture new markets or retain its clientele. This opens new perspectives and transforms how payment solutions are designed, distributed, and consumed, creating an experience perfectly tailored to the needs of each business and its customers.

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